Musical Inclusion Gathering One - handouts and slides

As we promised, here are all the handouts and slides from the first gathering of Musical Inclusion grantholders and partners. Please share them with musicians and others who are part of your Musical Inclusion programme, and encourage them to sign up to the Network and join the Group.

There's more to follow soon, including handouts and summaries from breakouts, photos of graffiti walls and posters summarising your programmes ... all lovely, shareable, stuff ... so please do!

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Jacqui Haigh's picture

I found our first gathering very useful. Great to meet up with friends and colleagues especially from music leader - but then I'm biased! Always fascinating to hear how other people are working and vital to amongst people willing to share their ideas, knowledge and experiences.

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Thanks for commenting Jacqui. We're looking at the feedback forms that people completed, but happy to have any further thoughts and suggestions here. Keep the conversation going!