Early Years Resources

Here are some resources to help Young Music Leaders and other practitioners plan and deliver music sessions for Early Years and young children.

Our B Sharp Young Music Leaders have been going into local primary schools and pre-school play groups to help lead music activities and broaden their leadership experience. The sort of music sessions suitable for these children are very different to the work they have been used to while developing their leadership in peer group sessions. As the curator of B Sharp Resources, I was asked to put together some links to useful resources for them to look at and help them get ideas for their sessions.

Resources were a little scattered, so I've pulled some together from across the Youth Music Network and other organisations.  I hope the Links to Early Years Music Resources will be helpful to others. If you can add to the list, please comment here or directly on B Sharp Resources.

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Wow!!! Thank you so much, Ayvin! This list is really comprehensive and so helpful. I'm impressed. The only thing I noticed was that the 'Bongo Club' website you refer to no longer exists, I'm afraid... But hopefully the other resources and the content on the Youth Music Network and this discussion group will be doing the trick!

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Thanks Valerie for letting me know about the Bongo Club. It's now deleted. I'd taken it from another B Sharp Resources page I'd done some some time ago - http://bsharpresources.org/2013/03/02/links-to-organisation-for-young-pe...
and hadn't checked if the link was still active. There's a lesson:)

I'm glad you've found it helpful.