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    Tuesday, 15 April, 2014 - 12:18

Music Makes Me Happy -

New music sessions have been taking place over the past couple of months with the charity WILD Young Parents’ Project.

This programme of activity has been funded with thanks to a grant from the National Foundation for Youth Music.

WILD is a specialist service based in Cornwall for young mothers aged 19 years and under and their children, and mothers aged up to 23 with extra needs. WILD aims to provide young mothers and their children with opportunities to develop their skills, improve self-esteem, make positive and healthy choices, protect themselves, participate as equal members of their communities and achieve their potential.

Groups for young mothers offer;
peer support
parenting advice
housing and debt management
new skills
voluntary work opportunities
peer education
issue-based workshops
ASDAN Awards and other accreditation.

Whilst sharing experiences of being a parent and making new friends in a relaxed, safe environment.

Now thanks to the National Foundation for Youth Music each of the 11 mother and children groups across Cornwall who meet weekly through WILD are having 5 music sessions per group throughout 2014.

We are looking at improving personal, social and emotional development of young children at a higher risk of delay, improving their communication and literacy development, and improving the relationship and attachment between mother and child using music.

To date the sessions have taken place in the Falmouth, Truro, St Austell, Penzance, Newquay and Bodmin WILD groups and are proving to be a huge success with enhanced musical confident in the mums and improved interaction and use of music being reported both in the sessions and at home.


“The mother and child music sessions have given the families WILD works with the opportunity to participate at a pace that is well suited to their individual learning. The mums are gradually building up their confidence, becoming more vocal and less shy. The mother-child attachment is enhanced and is giving both the mothers and children an overall sense of great well-being.” Cheryl - Bodmin and Penzance WILD Project Worker


With the help of the National Foundation for Youth Music this project is already showing significant results which is something WILD are keen to continue to develop and expand upon.  

Our next session ‘Everyday Activities’ will involve the mums creating their own songs for situations that they find particularly challenging with their children, and learning how to make their own instruments that can be used at home. We have been looking at songs from across the world and rhymes that the mums already know well, and then have been changing the lyrics to create our own personal song collection with the aim to practice and record these songs so that they become embedded into each group.

For any further details on the project or the work of WILD please get in touch with

WILD believes that young parents and their children have a right to a better future, equal choice, education and opportunity, and freedom from poverty.

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Valerie's picture

Thank you very much for sharing this, Rebecca! The project sounds really interesting, and I'm particularly interested in the upcoming ‘Everyday Activities’ session. I'm curious to hear what type of songs the young mums have chosen as a starting point and how they are developing them further. Are there any themes developing, what the mums want their songs to be about?

Becca's picture

Hello Valerie,
Thank you for reading my blog. We are learning 10 songs to sing throughout the day from waking up to sleep time. The specific songs the mums have asked for were for: packing the toys away, putting nappies on, potty training and going to sleep. We are using original songs that the mums already know and changing the lyrics so that the songs are very 'user friendly'.