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Does anyone use any sources for accreditation other than the Arts Award?

I'm specifically interested in courses that last a shorter time than the Arts Award.  We run intensive development weeks for young musicians and it would be nice to give them some sort of certification at the end but do not have time to run Arts Awards during the week.

It would be nice to be able to run something that was nationally recognised but an alternative could be to run something that would at least be recognised by local higher education institutions (with whom we have good relationships).  Has anyone explored this second route before?  If so, what were the benefits?

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mac makes music is commissioning some research into accreditation at the moment. The OCN, which develops and awards nationally recognised qualifications within the Qualifications and Credit Framework, is looking like a possilbity for exploration, although the minimum number of hours is still 45 hours, so may not meet your needs. We are also having an indepth look at Arts Award and how we can best support music leaders to deliver these with children and young people in challenging circumstances. We would be happy to share any learning.

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At Gloucestershire Music Makers we have used ASDAN and are just about to use it again. Have also used Btec units. Have a bit of experience of Arts Award Bronze with young people who are outside mainstream education. Worth talking to Ruth Jones, Arts Award Associate (Access and Inclusion) 07968 954452. She has a seminar coming up on 19th June in London on Arts Award and young people in health settings.

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We use Arts Awards exclusively for our inclusion work and you could easily do a Bronze in a very short space of time - a week is plenty long enough. They are probably one of the easier qualifications that still sit on the Gov's QCF (unlike ASDAN) so they are meaningful in terms of progression - and they are very flexible - the level of the learners starting point is not important - not that great for large groups I'd say but a week - no problem I'd say

We collect all evidence electronically and use blogs to store it - happy to chat

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Thanks everyone for the comments. We have run Arts Awards before but I think with the time constraints and ratio of leaders to participants, they wouldn't be possible during the week. Still interesting to hear what others are doing and ASDAN looks very interesting. Sandra, it would be great to hear mac's findings once they're available!

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Have you looked at Arts Award Explore? It requires fewer hours than bronze and is still a nationally recognised entry level 3 qualification. It can be moderated on line and there are teenage friendly resources you can use. I'm sure it would recognise what you are doing already without too much alteration on your part. You can also request a free surgery from Arts Award at the moment if you want help mapping it in. Many Young people have told me they feel ASDAN has a slight stigma's for those who can't do other mainstream things. Arts award doesn't have that association yet and they appreciate that.'s picture

Have you looked at the Rockschool Music Practitioner quals?

I have to declare an interest here in that I am currently working with them as a moderator but these are very well put together course units that can be combined to create a course that suits the needs of the young people.

They are straight forward to evidence and are recognised by higher education establishments.

I'm happy to talk to you about my experience of delivering these courses if you need more information or you can contact Rockschool via their website. I've always found them to be very helpful...Yes I know I would say that..but they are :)