New funding grants programme

When the new grants programme was announced I was full of trepidation at the prospect of needing to learn a new 'funding language' of outcome indicators and evaluation paradigms but I was very pleasantly surprised and would like to say well done to YM on the grants programme and the resources that accompany it.

The new YM programme is a breath of fresh air and a real step forward from the old one. The programme and the thinking behind it feels confident in its purpose and reflective of a mature sector. The guidance and resources are written in language that is clear and informative yet challenges the reader without being confusing or overly academic in approach. The new application process seems less proscriptive and more flexible allowing for a more creative approach to meeting the intended outcomes.

I used to dread starting a new YM bid under the old system. I'm actually feeling quite inspired by the new programme. I may feel quite different in a few months time whilst waiting for a critical funding decision but in the meantime, thankyou Youth Music for creating a programme that appears to encourage those who really care about musical inclusion.


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Mark Bick's picture

Had a quick look earlier today. So far everything looks excellent & well thought through. I am sure there will be the odd unhelpful complication, but at first look, well done Youth Music, again showing that you really are an "intelligent funder"…… Other than perhaps the Sept 12th, once a year deadline for Fund C stage one applications (unless YM is intelligently trying to avoid too many applications from partnerships that are not already up together!).

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I agree about Sept 12th although I read that as 1 deadline for a 3 year programme - not 1 per year. Key partners are away on holiday for most of August and schools will be tricky to contact until the first week of Sept has passed so there is actually very little time to put together a fresh bid. The current MINC projects will be working on interim reports too. All in, we're looking at a very busy first couple of weeks in Sept unless you decide to go for Fund B...

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Thanks for the feedback Gavin. Your analysis was very much our intention -responding to grant holder's reports, stakeholder survey, and conversations with organisations (old and new).

We are aware that the 12th September deadline is tight, but hopefully the guidance for fund C indicates that partnership agreements etc don't need to be in place by stage 1 - clear intentions and rationale for the proposed programmes is what we are looking for on the 12th. Gavin - you are correct it is a 3-year funding agreement - there won't be repeat applications in fund C, although annual funding will be contingent on effective evaluation. Mark - we've tried to keep the unhelpful complications to a minimum - but I can't promise there won't be a couple there somewhere! Just give us a shout if anything appears unclear. Cheers, Dougie.

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I want to say how, having reread 'Taking an outcomes approach' and the 'Do, Review, Improve' docs, that I think they are extremely well put-together. Particularly the outcomes approach doc. It articulates the approach superbly. Well done everyone at YMHQ.

Now, to find a time when everyone is in the office together before the 12th....