Men in early years: a personal reflection and study by music practitioner John Webb

As part of our mission to continually challenge, share and advocate for best practice in music education, Sound Connections commissioned expert early years leader John Webb to undertake research into the role of men in early years music making.

Although men make up a relatively small fraction of the early years workforce, this study explores whether gender plays a part in facilitation style, relationships with children and expectations around male stereotypes.

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Zoe Kilb's picture

Hi John & Sound Connections, 

Thanks for sharing this research - lots to digest and to reflect on!
I thought you might be interested in this blog post written by an EY practitioner- which talks about his experience of working in nurseries. 



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Hi Zoe,

Thank you for your comment - that blog post is very interesting, and touches upon many of the issues that John raises in his case study. It's definitely an area that has yet to be more widely explored, thank you for sharing some more work around it!

Best wishes,

Sound Connections