The Turning Tides Project's Equal Access to Music Programme is underway

The Equal Access to Music Programme  comprises a set of Projects . The Programme has emerged from our experience of taking a Social Model Approach to make equal access to music a reality for Young People with ' autism' or 'learning disability' labels .  We'd welcome discussion about the development of ' Inclusive Music Facilitators' 

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We have just held our first Staff training event for everyone involved in the Equal Access to Music Programme and have test driven our first draft Workforce Development Questionnaire!

Whilst we understand that obtaining the  data that enables monitoring and tracking  is vital, the process of capturing relevant data is often a challenge. 
We've been working on developing a questionnaire that we think,  is more relevant to our needs and approaches.

This first stage in this process  is to agree a language that:
- defines what we need it to
- can be shared with others 
- works with other existing frameworks (such as YM Quality Framework and Sounds of intent)

The Workforce Development Questionnaire will provide a tool for supporting a conversation to define the existing skills and development needs of individuals within the Equal Access to Music Workforce. 

Our aim is  to create a comprehensive development route that:

- values complexity without pandering to professionalism

- is critical, kind, generous and respectful

- not only uses Social Model language, but also demonstrates a Social Model approach

- encourages the spontaneous and experimental.

- sets out to develop a workforce of competent individuals, each working in their own way

- builds a workforce of individuals that are both aware of where they are on their own personal journey and believe that they can continue to travel.

The Inclusive Music Facilitator will know that "professionalism" and "expertise" are demonstrated through a confidence to share openly your own lack of certainty.

Does this make for true #inclusive practice?

Written by Jane Williams, Published by Dom Palfreman

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So exciting to get this project underway! Lovely also to be developing connections with key partners across Devon and beyond! Tides are turning!