20 questions to help you document and share your musical inclusion practice

Part of our work as the Musical Inclusion Evaluation and Networking team is to encourage projects to document their practice so they can share it more widely. If you’re having difficulties working out how to actually get what you've done down on paper, we've put together some questions that may help, as well as some tips on making your document easier to read.

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Thanks Anita. These questions, documentation suggestions and presentations have other uses too - when answering other Youth Music module stage 2 applications, final report writing and annual organisation reports/newsletters to share with stakeholders and supporters. I was taught to always use the 5 Ws rule in the first paragraph of a press release - who, what, when, why, where. Editors tend to cut from the bottom up, so getting the important bits in at the beginning is good to do.

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Thanks Ayvin, glad you've spotted another use for them!