Young Leaders

Cymaz Music is developing a programme of Young Leaders with our Hub and we would be interested to know if anyone else is doing or running something similar either within a MINC programme or in collaboration with a Hub.

As a development of our Inclusion Strategy in Cornwall, Cymaz Music and the Hub are looking at ways that a Young Leader programme could help with breaking down some of the identified barriers to young people's access to music making. Through our research and consultation, 'lack of information' was cited as one of the biggest barriers. We suggested that one method to ensure better communication and information would be to develop a Young Ambassador Scheme where young people become the advocates, spokespeople and shapers for music education.

We know that there are several schemes for young ambassadors and young leaders across the country and we are keen to build on existing models to come up with a flexible but robust structure for Young Leadership (spanning the formal and non-formal sectors). It needs to fit and complement with other leadership schemes and accreditation.

We are looking at several strands, from young music leaders/ trainers to young ambassadors/advocates. Any structured programmes that might be accredited would be really useful to find out about. Also if anyone is delivering paid Apprenticeship programmes we'd love to hear about that too. Please drop us an email (

Thankyou.  Cymaz Music Team.

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We have a flourishing young leaders programme here at the Hothouse and recently the YL have carried out a local consultation - we have a survey monkey you can have!... I'll out you in touch with Rachel


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Happy to share our report with you from NYMAZ's Young Music Leaders programme.

Best wishes


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Hi Emily, B Sharp operates a YML scheme that is non-formal practice based learning. We have different tiers of responsibility as young people progress. We have 'contracts' of commitment that identify what they may expect from us and what we expect from them. Their work contributes to Arts Award. I can send you agreement templates if you wish.
All our participants are ambassadors for B Sharp and the way we work - telling their peers and families about us, and other organisations when they visit different music making settings etc. Being an ambassador is written into all our different levels of leadership agreements.
As it happens, one of our YMLs will be an ambassador for us tonight when B Sharp makes a presentation/proposal to our local Town Council for their financial support for a 3 year business plan we have recently made. As part of our pitch, he will talk for a couple of minutes about what B Sharp has meant to him, giving council members an insight into the impact we make on a personal level. He is in his early 20s, has been with us since he was 14, went to Uni to study music and returned to work with us last autumn. We went through what we all wanted to say yesterday. It was great for us to hear his story too! We also appreciate that public speaking doesn't come naturally to many of us. Being an ambassador on this level can be daunting for someone of any age. It shows real commitment to an idea.

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Hi Emily, Debra at Brighter Sound will also be able to help - she's been developing a young leaders programme that I've been hoping we'd be able to highlight. I think she's in touch with Pete about this too. Let me know if you need contact details or more info.