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This maybe useful as a tool to collect information about the participants on your project. At Plugged In, Music Leaders and Youth Workers can access this file from Dropbox using an Ipad during the sessions. 

This booklet has been useful for staff working on Plugged In projects as a resource for raising standards of teaching and learning.  

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I am a professional music tutor, music performer accordionist and am wondering if the are any available concerts etc. where I could perform?

My we-page:


Megan Collis and Polly Virr, our Fledgling musicians have recently completed a residency on Ward 76 and have written about their experiences and one particular magical moment with Baby B:


Ruth Spargo and Cecily Smith, our Fledgling musicians have completed two residencies on Ward 81, the Burns Unit at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. The first was in September last year and the second in January to February this year. They have written about the inspiration for the project, the magical world of music they created and some of the challenges they faced working in such an isolated department. The featured image shows an example of the art work in the Burns Unit created by Lime Art (photos copyright Lime Art):


Second group from our DIY Music project

Output from our DIY Music project.


My name is Shannon Killarney and I'm interested in setting up a music project at the Brunswick Mill Studios in Ancoats, Manchester. I will be working alongside the owner of the the Studios, Mike Ricard, as well as several teachers of a variety of instruments - I'm a drum teacher, and the other teachers include two percussion and samba band teachers, a bass guitar teacher, and a guitar teacher. Ideally we will also have keyboards and vocal teaching too. The plan is to set up a weekend/after school music workshop for children between the ages of 8 - 14, whereby they don't have to pay for the service. This idea was inspired by the Rising Stars North West project that is based in Stockport, for which I have worked in the past.

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I am looking for parents, carers and teachers of children with Autism who are willing to take part in anonymous questionnaire

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