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In Middleport, we wanted to take our issue of gang violence and create new opportunities for young people to be a part of a new gang...otherwise known as a band!  We believe that encouraging our young people to form music bands could change their pathway in life.

Free Mental Health Training morning at The Hive, Shrewsbury to improve the understanding of young people’s Mental Health issues in Shropshire

Want to attend our training but live too far away?

Join us tomorrow (Thursday 28th September) through Facebook live!! Streaming from 2pm

Check us out on https://www.facebook.com/musicalcommunities/, ask your questions and get ready to learn

"Few would argue that having a continuing commitment to learning more about your chosen field/industry/sector is a good investment. The more you understand about your field the more effective you can be at delivering your service AND the more value can be gained" - Kurly

A very open and honest account of one of young people's musical journey's and mental health problems and how music has helped him through his journey. He also talks about how our Rugby Beats, Bars and Banter project helped him become interested in music again, gain more confidence and helped him deal with his mental health problems...


This is footage of our young people's show in Rugby with some young people's and parents interviews at the end. For many of the young people, this was the first time they had performed. The footage features contemporary covers and original songs. Some of the original songs are about issues such as bullying, racism, relationships and what it is like to have a disability. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU_WYL3Pt4s

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    Tue 25 Jul 2017

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