Piano Teacher: Freelance Studio and Home Tuition

  • by WKMT

    Wednesday, 28 June, 2017 - 17:08

Job Description:

Teaching one-to-one piano and keyboard lessons for any amount of time required by the student and in line with our specific study plans.
Preparing pupils for performances, examinations, auditions, festivals, and gigs.
Keeping an accurate record of student development through our IT system.
Engaging in non-tutorial activities like performances and recordings.
Executing basic office tasks.
Writing emails and referring to internet resources.
Developing and retaining students by effective teaching methods, including but not exclusive to good communication, structure and motivation.
Supporting your students in their use of internet resources.
Welcoming and hosting the students at a high standard of hospitality. This involves offering and preparing drinks during the lesson and complying with certain codes of courtesy self-presentation.
Producing a monthly collaboration to your personal blog. This can come in the shape of a 500-700 word article, a video, infographics or any sort of post.

Role Requirements

  • The role is for set teaching days to be agreed depending on your proposed availability and the demand for teachers at the practice. For the right candidate, we would consider as few as one day per week if they preferred. Equally, we would also attempt to accommodate requests for one extra shift per week for the right candidate. [Regular working days to be negotiated, to a minimum of 1 day per week. Established Team Members seeking additional weekly shifts will be accommodated where possible and where warranted by performance].
  • You will need to be available to work a minimum of 45 weeks per year. With the exception of Christmas Day and Boxing Day, no other Bank Holidays can be guaranteed as holidays for WKMT staff. If working in local schools and colleges you must ensure that your annual leave does not coincide with classes being conducted at their premises.
  • DBS check (mandatory without exceptions).
  • Experience of teaching would be preferred, however, a training programme is available and you will be granted free permission to attend this and regular training sessions regardless of your experience after the successful completion of your probationary phase
  • Ensuring that you adhere to health and safety standards, and work in line with child protection legislation.
  • You need to have a proven record of excellence or at least decency in your artistic deliveries (recordings, concert programs, newspaper articles etc.)


  • Self-employed role
  • The studio commits to propel your performance profile by enabling you to obtain professional VIDEO and AUDIO portfolio recordings at certain times of the year and if you qualify for them.
  • Hourly rate from £11.00 per hour to £35 per hour dependent on experience and type of commission.
  • Incentive bonus scheme based on commissions, performances and/or extra administrative duties.
  • Free teacher training and performance lessons to achieve further graduate and post-graduate qualifications (after probationary period).
  • Additional cover hours are offered to teachers on a pricing structure.
  • There are proper practising and IT facilities for the teachers to optimise their time on the eventuality of an absence.
  • High-quality drinks are available for the teachers during their stay at the premises.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: £11.00 to £35.00 /hour

Required education:

  • Diploma

Required licence or certification:

  • DBS Certificate
Closing date: 
Friday, 28 July, 2017
Job type: 
WKMT London
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