‘Soundwaves Music Project’ cold spot case study

The ‘Soundwaves Music Project’ at the Ockment Community Centre, Okehampton, was funded by Daisi’s Soundwaves project, which aims to support new partnerships in delivering music projects relevant to specific needs of children and young people in challenging circumstances.

It arose from local ‘ambassadors’ who searched for and identified centres and musicians keen to develop music related activities for young people in locations where there were currently gaps in provision. The geographical areas for attention were highlighted because of issues such as rural isolation, economic deprivation and addressing the needs of young people with disabilities and learning differences.


Working with nine young adults with specific educational needs, the project leaders led a week-long exploration of sound and music, and the way it makes people feel. Over the week the group worked together to write and record a piece of music as well as try out different instruments and accessible technology.



The young people expressed that they enjoyed the sessions. Feedback was captured using stickers to indicate how they felt about various parts of the project. Singing and playing drums was enjoyed the most, followed by recording and using electronic instruments.

“I had no confidence when I first came into the room but became more comfortable during the session as I was allowed to be creative and be myself”

participating young person

The continuity over the week, including leaving the equipment in place, helped to make the creation and recording of the song successful. For further projects, taster sessions will be run to help with take-up of the project, as the opportunity offered by the project was not fully taken locally.

Although they enjoyed dancing and listening to music, seven of the nine young people had never taken part in creative music making before. A new opportunity for young people with disabilities to take part in music activities has been established by this project as the Soundwaves Music Project will be returning to Okehampton in 2015 to run a regular session at Puzzle Tree support service day centre. Funding is in place in the sort-term, but will need to be found in the long-term to continue the opportunity.

“We’re really keen for people to get their voices out there. It’s really important - we work with so many people who maybe don’t get that much of a voice. So that’s central to what we’re doing.”
Adrian Bull, chief officer of Soundwaves Music Project