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How volunteering has helped me to progress to leading sessions.

As musicians, we all know the feeling of watching our favourite bands (the ones we are a little too obsessed with…) and thinking “Wow, look at them go! How do they have the ENERGY to run around like that?! That is so cool!”. When we watch a band live, we feel good just by watching them feel good. That’s what makes music so addictive and wonderful. Seeing someone have the time of their life makes us want to dance, sing and have just as much of a brilliant time! Of course, this will depend on the genre of the music… Shoegaze bands will perform totally different to perhaps Metal or Punk bands, but each are natural and fitting to the music. Music is as much physical as it is aural, and the right performance can boost a live show into a different realm and leave your audience blown away.

We all want to play as good as we feel when we see our favourite band and ultimately pass that addictive feeling back on to our audiences, but if your youth band is struggling with confidence, here are a few tips that you can pass on to shake off the initial fear.

It’s been a good seeing the journey that the group I’ve worked with over the past six months have been on. I want to look back on the first time they approached songwriting, individually and corporately.

5 songs that I have used with young bands when they have just started working together.

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