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The guys n gals from the University of Portsmouth Creative Industries School have been hanging around Music Fusion. This is the film they made about the work we do.

Mavericks is a project that bridges feuding communities through music. 

Across the local areas there have been escalating tensions over territory and rivalry between different groups. Mavericks shows the path to a bigger picture, a better perspective. Going to prison for a postcode or a rift on social media is the biggest waste of a life. 

The project has brought everyone together to celebrate their individual talents and show how people from different areas can put aside their differences, make peace and collaborate to make great things happen. 


Music Fusion and students from The University Of Portsmouth Creative Industries department teamed up to record this producer session. How to make a basic Hip-Hop Beat. This video is aimed at 13-25 year olds with access to Cubase and Massive. The tone and language are aimed at young people with little or no formal music training. 

Music Fusion were fortunate to work with The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre, Paines Plough Theatre Company and MC LUCK / DJ NEAT. Young artists chose a track from the year 2000 (when Little bit a luck was released) and remixed it for the event. Watch a film about the performance night. 

'Words Not Weapons' was initially set up in response to growing tension between young people from rival housing estates.

Music Fusion has been in existence since 2002 providing music making activities for young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity. We have delivered music projects to over 25,000 young people. Music Fusion also run the East Street Studio.




Music Fusion have been in existence since 2002 providing music making activities for young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity. We have delivered music projects to over 30,000 young people including our core work; young people who have experienced 'challenging life circumstances'. Our music workshops provide excellent diversionary activities for young people, teaching them transferable skills such as team work, negotiation and professionalism as well as boosting confidence and self esteem. 

Our music-making sessions help build

  •  Confidence
  •  Self esteem
  •  Communication skills
  •  Bridges between young people & their community 


Our Music Leaders

We are not just a charity - we have a strong and well-developed ethos of care and professionalism. All of our Music Leaders play more than one instrument, have music technology skills, and a strong awareness of working with young people who may be in challenging circumstances. They also keep up to date with current trends in musical sub-genres and ensure that their work with young people is valid and current. All Music Leaders (and volunteers) receive a strong, young people-focussed induction training package, backed up by mentoring from more experienced members of staff. Music Leaders meet the following criteria: 

  •  Educated to relevant degree level or equivalent 
  •  Level 1-3 Youth Work qualification
  •  National / international music release
  •  Professional / industry / touring musician for at least 2 years
  •  Experience of working in community settings
  •  Experience of working with young people with special needs / challenging behavior
  •  Ability to reflect on own and others' practice and to evaluate approaches 
  •  Enthusiasm to embrace our programme of continuing professional development.
  •  Ability to work in an inclusive way 
  •  A big heart.


Specialists in contemporary music genres

  •  Metal
  •  Techno
  •  Dubstep
  •  Hip Hop
  •  Indie
  •  Rock and more...


What people have said about us

There are many small towns and cities in the UK that are home to amazing talents, but hold no real facilities or networks for this talent to shine. I lived in Portsmouth as a student for almost 3 years and it was yet another example of how the lack of opportunity can push youngers into a cold, road, mind frame. So when people like Music Fusion provide opportunity like "WORDS NOT WEAPONS" they receive my full respect and deserve yours too.
Potent Whisper

It was great to see young people from Portsmouth, Leigh Park and Rowner getting together despite their differences. It takes a lot of guts to go to someone else’s venue let alone get up and perform as they did and it was brilliant. The lyrics are hard hitting and should make people understand where they are coming from, its inspiring for other young people and should help them realise that there are other ways to express yourself and you don't need to resort to crime and violence! Please could you pass on our comments to the Words Not Weapons MCs, they are doing young people proud.
Gosport Police 

Congratulations on Monday night, everyone there was so engaged and loving it. I had a brilliant time! Everyone involved in Words Not Weapons should be so proud. Congrats again!
Vicki Hemmings
Express FM 


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