Fund C

  Fund C
Description Fund C awards larger grants for projects with a dual role of delivery and strategic work; expanding and embedding high quality, inclusive music-making.
How to apply Two-stage online application. Stage
two includes face-to-face interview.
Grant duration 48 months
Setting your own intended outcomes Projects are required to work towards achieving five to seven outcomes, across all outcome areas. Two of these are set by Youth Music.
How much can I request? £100,000 to £160,000 per annum
How much match funding do I need to raise? 15% (at least 7.5% must be cash
match funding)
When are the stage one application deadlines? Friday 23 June 2017
When is the stage two application period? Monday 18 September - Sunday 29 October 2017
When will I find out if my application has been successful?

Stage 1: Friday 15 September 2017

Stage 2: Friday 22 December 2017 

If my application is successful, when should I start my project? Sunday 1 April 2018
Can I apply for more than one Fund?
  • Fund C grant-holders are eligible to hold a Fund A (but not Fund B) grant
  • Existing Fund A and B grantholders are eligible to apply  

  • If successful, any existing Fund B grant would swap to a Fund C from 1 April 2018 (therefore existing Fund B activities should be included in the Fund C proposal).


If you are considering submitting an application we recommend that you read the documents below which have been designed to help you plan your project and write your application. The Fund C online application form will be available from Mid May. In the meantime, you can prepare with the practice application form in the guidance notes.

1) Read the guidance on Youth Music's Outcomes Framework, and plan what you want to achieve with your project

Download Taking an outcomes approach: Guidance on Youth Music's Outcomes Framework

2) Read Youth Music's Quality Framework, and plan how you will embed it in your project

Download Do, review, improve: A quality framework for music education

3) Read the Fund C applicant guidance notes (including the practice application form)

Download the Fund C applicant guidance notes

4) You are now ready to make your application!

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