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  • by CrisKea

    Friday, 28 July, 2017 - 15:41

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Beautiful Ideas Company (BICo) is a collective of local creative entrepreneurs and leaders working across the Liverpool City Region and Salford. BICo help to develop economically self-sustaining creative ideas, community and social innovation programmes; developing and supporting an ethos of experimentation, creativity across all art forms including music and inclusivity. 


Our project the Beautiful Music Collective will support women musicians (professional and emerging talent) and those working in the wider music industry and music education sectors in Salford including Islington Mill, Fat Out and Sounds of the Other City ) to develop a workforce mentoring programme that impacts on them as individuals and the wider NW Music sector. In turn, this group will be supported to work with local girls and young women (GYW) just beginning their own music-making and creative journeys. Together we'll develop a bespoke training/mentoring/activity plan that engages and supports the female workforce and emerging talented female musicians to take their skills to the next level as well working with them to lift their individual professional profiles and females in music in the NW as a whole. This cohort will join a professional development and training programme, part of which will include engaging with and mentoring local girls and young women who are trying to progress with or are new to their own music-making. We will celebrate project end with a live music event. Participants will be offered accreditation and the project will be fully evaluated and findings shared, internally and with external partners, influencers and stakeholders to develop sustainability. 

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