Brighton & Hove Adolescent Services-YOS Youth Music Project

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    Thursday, 10 August, 2017 - 09:36

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YOS Youth Music Project sits in Adolescent Services which works within Childrens Services. We provide free Music Sessions for YP aged between 11yrs to 18 yrs, referrals are taken from various services across Brighton & Hove. We work in partnership with Audio Active who provide us with the Music Tutors who have vast experience of working in the Music Industry as well as skill's knowledge and experience of engaging hard to reach YP. They also provide the YP Traineeship programme so that YP can then learn how to work with YP and work alongside the experienced Music Tutors, gaining on the Job experience, training and building their skill's of working with challenging YP with various needs.
I co-ordinate the Project from YOS and provide information and work with the YP to help them access the project and manage all referrals. Through this project several YP go onto to college, working in the industry, and or working with YP organisations.

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