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    Tuesday, 23 January, 2018 - 13:31

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CCYS provides regular clubs and out reach sessions for young people. We currently deliver 11 weekly universal sessions for
over 300 young people at 5 locations in Crawley. Within our services we encourage young people to build aspirations,
learn from their experiences and give back to the community.

The Crawley Sounds Project

Crawley has a lack of music making opportunities for young people outside of the classical realm favoured by schools.
This, together with social and financial deprivation, provides significant barriers to young people engaging in music. Our
aim for this project is to enable and inspire young people to develop a lifelong interest in music making and performance
at all levels and genres.
This project will provide two weekly sessions for age groups 13-18 and 16-25. These sessions will follow a termly structure
focusing on exploring and learning musical skills; live performance development, working in a band and ‘building a set list’;
music production, songwriting and session skills. Alongside this we will provide a range of performing opportunities
through partners,community events and CCYS’ Crawley Youth Stage (part of Crawley Festival) to further develop musical
ability, confidence and aspirations.. By working with the two different age groups we will also encourage older young
people to be positive role models within the younger group as volunteers. Through performances we will also be able to
engage other local musicians as volunteers. By providing training and support to them we will provide better volunteering
opportunities to engage them and support the project for the future.

Dormans Youth Arts Centre
Dormans, Gossops Green
South East
RH11 8HZ
United Kingdom
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