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    Monday, 16 April, 2018 - 13:15

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Jubacana is a youth-led, fusion music and performance project based in Oldham for 8-18s, inspired by the music of Brazil, Africa and South-Asia with a UK twist.

In January 2017 Jubacana welcomed new members aged 8-18 to weekly rehearsals at The Old Museum in Oldham. Since starting this project in Oldham (we used to be based in Manchester City Centre), we’ve received more and more members through the doors and hope to reach many more in the area and beyond. Run by a team of inspirational youth leaders and supported by experienced arts leaders, Jubacana aims to reach new heights and show what young people can achieve through arts-based learning and performance.

In April 2018 Jubacana received funding from Youth Music allowing them to take their project to the next level and reach even more young people in Oldham and surrounding areas.

The Old Museum
Greaves Street
North West
United Kingdom
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