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The North East Autism Society (NEAS) promotes the welfare, development and advancement of children, young people and adults with physical and/orlearning disabilities and in particular those affected by autism within the UK. To do so we work in partnership to deliveractivities and achieve outstanding personalised services for people with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC).

Little Sparks

NEAS in partnership with Sage Gateshead and Great North Children's Hospital (GNCH), will deliver a programme of early years sessions designed to engage and increase the support of parents who have a pre-school child, newly diagnosed with Autism with participatory musical activity.

We plan to undertake a series of 'Autism Awareness' training sessions pre-programme with the expertise of NEAS, in order to sufficiently upskill Practitioners who will be engaging the children and parents referred into the programme of activity.

Great North Children's Hospital will survey families on their caseload to assess suitability for inclusion on the programme, where they will subsequently make a referral to our series of 'Summer Taster' sessions.

Following the referral of up to 10 children on programme, we will run 25 weekly sessions for the group and their families offering through the vehicle of music, structured and unstructured play, differentiated suitably for children with a diagnosis of autism.

Upon completion of the programme we intend to reflect upon and evaluate the learning undertaken, towards disseminating and potentially scaling and further developing the particular type of music-based post-diagnostic support afforded to wider beneficiaries

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