SHP (Single Homeless Project)

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SHP is a London-based charity that works to prevent homelessness and help vulnerable and socially excluded children, young people and adults to transform their lives. 

We do this by providing support and accommodation, promoting wellbeing, enhancing opportunity, and being a voice for change. From supporting people in crisis, to helping people take their final steps towards independence and employment, we make a difference to 7,000 lives every year.
To have a lasting impact, we focus on empowering people to achieve sustainable, long term recovery. We achieve this by:

  • Providing support and accommodation: More than 550 people live in our hostels and supported housing, giving them a stable and secure environment in which staff can begin to address their needs.
  • Supporting children and young people: We work with more than 300 vulnerable young people who have experienced abuse and neglect, helping them to rebuild their lives and empower them to make positive choices.
  • Enhancing Opportunity: Most of our beneficiaries’ dream of a job and a place to call home. Last year we supported 336 people to complete education or training courses and helped 153 people into work
245 Gray's Inn Road
United Kingdom
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