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Our new music making project is for 16-25 year olds with learning difficulties in and around the Epping Forest District. We were very excited when starting things off with the aim to take our participants through a journey of developing voice and instrument skills, understanding the components of songs and building confidence along the way.
We began the first stages of delivery in October 2017 with a range of taster sessions

Voluntary Action Epping Forest is an umbrella organisation providing advice, information & development support services to voluntary and community organisations and volunteers in the District. Local Voluntary groups are assisted with fund raising, volunteer recruitment and regular information. Volunteers recruited with learning disabilities are offered extra support and team activities. The organisation also hosts a number of direct services for older people which include gardening, carers support, home safety, befriending and handyman.

Based in Epping we have been operational since 1993, during which time we have grown from a minimal staff team to 20 employees – 9 covering core services and 11 project staff. We are governed by our members (around 200 local voluntary and community groups) through an elected Board of Trustees.

Our Youth Music funded project:

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
To deliver a music-making project for young people with learning and/or physical disabilities and special needs living in and around the Epping Forest District. We aim to develop musical, personal and social skills through participation in a range of regular, individual and collaborative musical activities including live performances.

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