Sense is a national charity that supports a wide range of disabled people with complex communication needs to be understood, connected and valued. Our expertise and our broad range of flexible and personalized services enable individuals to lead connected and fulfilled lives. Our work benefits people of all ages, as well as their families and support staff. Music Is A Vibration creates opportunities for young people with sensory impairments and complex communication needs to compose their own sensory musical compositions. The programme unleashes their musical potential as they gain an insight into musical structuring and composition through immersive musical performances.

  At The SongLab, we have no restrictions on those who wish to make music and so we have a number of strategic partners that we work with to ensure funding is in place for music making opportunities for young people aged 13-19. The SongLab is run by Jonny Amos and Meldra Guza  who both have a wealth of knowledge in both music industry and community music sectors. We are proud to link music education with music industry, allowing the young people to see ahead and plan their future careers, develop their talent, gain more confidence and define their aspirations.

The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra is the flagship of musical life in Birmingham and the West Midlands – and one of the world’s great orchestras.

Founded by Jeffrey Skidmore OBE - one of the country’s foremost choral conductors - Ex Cathedra has an international reputation as a leading UK choir and Early Music ensemble.


Based in Birmingham, Ex Cathedra comprises Chamber choir, Consort, and Baroque Orchestra/Ensemble and education team and aims to:


Research and discover lost repertoire, lead on performance practice, and commission new choral music;
Nurture talent, from children through to singers and vocal animateurs establishing their professional careers;
Share knowledge, expertise and love of singing with as many people as possible through high quality performances, recordings, education & community initiatives.

Friction Arts make art projects that connect people. Founded by artists with a commitment to social justice, Friction uses arts activities and participation opportunities to address social challenges. This includes youth work with different ages, for example therapeutic art workshops for young people with autistic spectrum disorders, video-making with teenagers to involve them in democratic participation, and drama workshops to challenge offending behaviour among young men on tag. Our work also includes big, public facing projects involving a whole community.

7E Youth Academy is a social enterprise. The organisation is dedicated to improving the lives of young people globally. We believe that young people are the worlds most precious resource.


Music Hub

We are a Youth Centre Music Hub, that is a registered charity, set up to support the development of all young people, with a focus on supporting those young people who experience isolation and disadvantage. Our mission is become a beacon and source of inspiration for the personal development of young people. 

We reflect the city we work in – with our audiences, artists and the stories we tell. Our ground-breaking work constantly attracts new and ever-changing audiences.

We are a charity (Charity No: 1143623) aiming to promote the creation of a one-handed musical instrument in order to open the possibility of music-making to people with disabilities. We have organised a competition challenging musicians, technologists or anyone else who wants to have a go to create a one-handed musical instrument that accurately emulates the sound of a traditional orchestral instrument. For more information or if you want to enter the competition please see our website.

Drumvoice bring high energy West African drumming and percussion training to schools, organisations and communities across the Midlands and the UK. They deliver inspirational musical training for both pupils and teachers, bringing the incredible benefits of rhythm into the classroom in a fun and accessible way, and leaving schools with the skills to continue working creatively and confidently with percussion instruments.