Established in 1891, the vision of Children North East is that all north east children and young people grow up healthy and happy and over the last 125 years we have worked tirelessly to achieve this.

Today the rights of children and young people remain at the centre of everything we do. This includes providing counselling and mentoring to young people who have mental health problems, and free and confidential information and advice on the issues affecting their lives such as sexual health, housing, unemployment and training.

Family plays an essential role in children’s emotional, social and physical development and a happy family life will make for happier children. We strive to strengthen and empower families who are in crisis and need support by providing services to help them deal with issues they face and enabling them to learn new skills and confidence to tackle life’s difficulties.

We support families with children who find themselves struggling with issues like poor mental health, substance misuse, domestic abuse, relationship difficulties, debt or isolation.

We use a range of evidence based approaches and interventions to support families to identify their own solutions and to bring about change in their lives to improve outcomes for children. As part of this approach we are introducing music as a therapeutic intervention within our family support delivery.

Skimstone Arts make captivating theatre, music and art in collaboration with artists, researchers and people experiencing increased social vulnerability.

Creative Natives is an organisation that provides music training and education for young people and adults.

Creative Natives is an organisation that provides music training and education for young and vulnerable people as well as adults.

Helix Arts is a participatory arts organisation. We enable and empower people to make art and we focus on the those who currently have least opportunity. These are:
- Young people at risk (of exclusion from school, of committing crime, of being taken into care)
- Unemployed people and people on low incomes
- People living in deprived neighbourhoods
- People with special educational needs
- People with limiting health conditions, particularly the elderly

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Generator is the UKs leading Music Development Agency.

Sightlines Initiative was formed in 1997 as an independent early years professional development initiative. We support initiatives and projects aimed at developing and demonstrating reflective and creative practice in UK early childhood education.

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Sightlines Initiative recognise children as naturally competent, capable and inquisitive learners, and advocate education as the practice of developing an environment of engagement and enquiry.

Sightlines works in three main areas