Does Music make a difference to NEET young people?
For NEET young people there are often many barriers to learning and developing, and they are often told that they will never achieve anything in life.  Using music as a tool for our groups helped raise their confidence and motivation and has provided them an opportunity to achieve accreditation.
On Trax funded through Youth Music provided young people with the time, space guidance and venue to practice skills of writing and recording their own styles of music in their own time and at their own pace, using their personal stories and inner most thoughts to produce lyrics.
The project offered a unique opportunity to work alongside professional music producers who shared their skills, knowledge and expertise and stories, and created a platform for young people to develop knowledge about the music industry.
“I didn’t know there were so many jobs available, my writing skills are not that great, but my IT skills are spot on, and I feel I could do something more technical even if it’s behind the scenes, I might look at doing a course at college to help me for my future” (young person’s comment)

On Trax offered the opportunity for the young people to write lyrics, produce music and then put a recording together to share with other young people.  This is done through weekly sessions at a recording studio where they young people learn the necessary skills to write and record their own style of music whilst learning about the music industry as a whole

we offered the following activities as part of the programme: 

  • Group sessions – lyric writing, music production exploring different genre

  • Instrument and vocal coaching

  • Technical production using broadcasting skills

  • Confidence coaching to raise self-esteem, motivation to raise aspirations for the future

  • Insight into the music industry and careers available

  • One to one and group sessions to develop young people personally, socially and musically

Our overarching aims of On Trax were to offer NEET young people access to the world of music making which wasn’t available to many due to financial barriers.

Following the programme young people were able to structure a song/rap, use a variety of different equipment, record vocals, chop, edit using a variety of software, mix, preparing for a performance. 

For information please contact Julie Whiting on 07739646149 or email julie.whiting@brathay.org.uk


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