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  • by SWIPE

    Wed 31 Jan 2018

The project All About Music, brough together disadvantaged young musicians from a range of diverse, ethnic backgrounds across Slough. It gave them the opportunity to access facilities where could become creative music making young people.
The project was used to improve provisions for those least likely to be able to afford music tutition fees and encouraged young musicians to become more involved in various ranges of music genres.
Young musicians were empowered to use msuic to unlock their abilities and potentials which helped to promote understanding and tolerance of different ethnic cultures they came into contact with, young people also learnt to celebrate their indentities, cultures and diversities; acknowledging their achievements helping them to improve their quality of life.

Everyone comes away from Brighton Soup smiling, happy to be part of a community that has supported a charity. But people naturally feel bad that they can’t give to all of the groups who come to Soup.

Well, we’re here to tell you that as a “losing” charity, we came away smiling from Soup too, even if we didn’t get the pot of money on the night.

  • by Rhythmix

    Mon 26 Sep 2016 - 1 comment

Rhythmix was a finalist in the National Lottery Awards 2016, but we didn’t win the award. Miriam, our Campaigns Manager, reflects on why as a Youth Music funded organisation you should nominate yourself for an award next year, and why winning isn’t everything.

Vote for Music The South East’s leading music charity Rhythmix has been nominated for the Best Arts Project in the National Lottery Awards 2016. The Charity has been selected from 600 nominations to compete in a public vote from 22 June against six other projects, with an awards ceremony to be broadcast on BBC One on the 9th of September to announce the winners. The public can vote to support Rhythmix at this link:

At Creative Futures, as part of our Early Years project ‘Music for Change’ in north Westminster, we’ve been lucky to work with NHS Speech & Language Therapists (SLT) from Central London Community Healthcare. The collaboration is taking place in nurseries, as part of the SLTs’ role to support Early Years Professionals in the identification and nurturing of children with emerging or low-lying speech & language delay.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start a young carers choir, I thought to myself, two years ago. The idea came to me after I started teaching myself guitar at the age of 25 and found, to my surprise, that I could sing. But I had no musical qualifications or experience. I didn’t come from a musical family or a musical background and had never had lessons before. All I knew was that music had changed something inside of me, it had healed me and I thought that maybe it would have the same effect on the young carers I worked with. This is the story of the Hampshire Young Carers Choir...

In December 2015, the Hampshire Young Carers Choir, funded by Youth Music, worked with Musicians at Newtwon Studio to perfrom at Southampton Football stadium for the STAR awards.