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Allsorts is a music project that takes places every week during term time at Z-arts in Hulme, Manchester. We have two sessions that currently take place: Allsorts Essentials for 5-10 year olds and Allsorts Unplugged for 11-16 year olds. Many of the young people that attend our sessions have little to no access to any other music projects, and Allsorts is the one time during their week they feel they can express themselves, socialise and be creative. Thanks to Youth Music, Allsorts has been running for a number of years. For 2018 there is going to be some exciting new changes to the project. We listened to what our young musicians had to say, and were exctied for the future! 

Stan is a Rep volunteer - a young aspiring music-head who just did what most music journalists can only dream of. Stan spent 80 minutes with Damon Albarn and Remi Kabaka (AKA Gorillaz). This is how it happened from Stans perspective.

The National Centre for Early Music has been working with the York Music Hub, as part of Music4U, to embed regular music activity within The Danesgate Community Pupil Support Centre in York.

How to plan for the future when everything keeps changing?

Readipop has just finished a 2 year Urban Orchestra programme. Throughout this programme we've had to think hard about how to engage with young people and to make sure we work with those who need the greatest support.

Over the first half term of the year we have been preparing for our Halloween show, the Halloween Happening. After sessions of idea formulating and rehearsals we approached the Halloween holidays and embarked on a few long days of rehearsals on site. The rehearsals went fantastically well and so we were all excited for the actual performance, which was a fantastic success.

Bristol-based arts organisation OpenUp Music was originally founded in 2007 as the MUSE project, and relaunched under its current name in 2014. With Youth Music’s support, OpenUp has helped to transform accessible music-making for young disabled people nationwide with its groundbreaking ‘Open Orchestras’ programme.

Barry Farrimond, OpenUp’s Chief Executive and Technical Director, spoke to us about how Youth Music has supported the organisation over the years.

The launch of the National Open Youth Orchestra (NOYO), the first ever national disabled-led youth orchestra, is a significant moment in music education history. It is with great excitement that we release the Executive Summary of the NOYO Feasibility Study, which Sound Connections was commissioned in January 2017 to research and compile.

The Roma Bridging Sounds Orchestra (RBSO) is the first Roma Youth Orchestra in the UK. Created by Newham Music in 2015, the RBSO has just started its third season after receiving a year of a funding from Youth Music in 2016/17. 

The Roma Bridging Sounds Orchestra (RBSO) is the first Roma Youth Orchestra in the UK. Created by Newham Music in 2015, the RBSO has just started it's third season after receiving a year of a funding from Youth Music in 2016/17. 

In Middleport, we wanted to take our issue of gang violence and create new opportunities for young people to be a part of a new gang...otherwise known as a band!  We believe that encouraging our young people to form music bands could change their pathway in life.

Soundtracks  is a Youth Music funded project run by Blackburn with Darwen Music Hub. Over the last 16 months, we have been working with Blackburn with Darwen Young People’s Service and Blackburn Youth Zone to develop core music sessions in Blackburn Youth Zone and youth centres, providing opportunities for music making for young people from the ages of 12-19, particularly those in challenging circumstances.

by Adam Cogdon, EBNE Music Leader. 

East By North East is a Youth Music funded project that brings together young people, and a staff team, from diverse backgrounds, celebrating different cultures and musical genres.  The music sessions allow us to explore different tastes and develop skills in music and to build confidence together.