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The Kithara Project is a collective of guitarists working to promote the guitar and with it, to create, perform, educate, engage, and empower in socially responsible ways in Mexico and the USA.

There is an international movement of community music and everywhere I travel I see a different side and aspect of the practice. Currently I am teaching for 2 days at the Conservatorium in Brisbane, Australia after working on two conferences in Hong Kong and Auckland.

A perfect storm is rapidly approaching in music education in England. Read on to see how you can help and gain support.

Mexico is a country rich full of contrasts with a wide range of cultural, educational, economic and political differences. It is full of culture and history with a wealth of musical rhythms and over 70 indigenous languages. This same cultural variety and rich contrasts are reflected in the 119.5 million Mexicans living in the Mexican Republic and 53 million of whom live in extreme poverty at the same time one of the world's richest men is Mexican.

While playing an instrument can easily bring us and our children lots of joy, sharing instruments might pose some small health risks. But better safe than sorry! Here are a few tips on what we should all know before sharing music instruments.

I am at the end of third day of the Walking the Boundaries, Bridging the Gap Community Music conference here in Waterloo, Ontario. 140 people sharing research, case studies, playing and listening in the context of the only CM masters and undergrad courses in Canada.