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We are having a GRAND REOPENING of Chime Creation Centre on SATURDAY MARCH 17th from 12 - 6PM.

Noise Solution's focus on capturing impact and finding a validated means of measuring well-being has led to funding from the Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group. This is a huge validation for Noise Solution and a recognition that, when properly evidenced community music can be commissioned as a clinical intervention.

If you are not taking impact capture seriously for the projects you are running then I believe you to be looking down the barrel of a funding gun. It amazes me how many organisations don't collect the simplest of data like attendance or any form of 'story' from their participants. Money is scarce and getting scarcer. Commissioner's and grant givers require evidence that what we do is effective. 

An approach that's today seen us awarded a share in a contract worth £1 million a year - for two to three years, from Cambridge County Council, to help deliver out of school provision. When combined with contracts we've already secured with the NHS, potentially for five years, we start to establish a stable plurality of funding that's diverse and non grant orientated.