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The XLR Collective reflect on their Campaign Celebration and the past seven months of their course.


Rehearsal for the collective's graduation!

The South West’s biggest Early Years Expressive Arts Conference, bringing together EY practitioners, artists, music leaders, settings, regional hubs, funders, researchers and strategic partners.

FRIDAY 24TH NOVEMBER, Monks Yard, Ilminster, Somerset

AIMED AT: PRU staff and other educational professionals working with vulnerable young people including NEETs, SEND, Music Leaders, Policy Makers and Funders.

The XLR Collective start recording thier Debut EP.

XLR Collective's Hack a Heckle have released their lead single called 'Hide'

XLR Collective debrief from their most recent gig as well as an introduction to personal coaching.

Prep for their upcoming gig at the 'Festival of What If'

Weekly XLR session. Debreif from latest gig as well as personal coaching session.

We have created lots of music and learnt a lot of things about #Inclusion and equal access and had a lot of fun... But did Jam Buddies make equal access to music, the arts and life a reality for young people (YP) with and without ‘learning disability’ or ‘autism’ labels?

The concept of an #Inclusive approach to ‘Buddying’ was central to the Jam Buddies project.