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We asked Josh Smith, Wired4Music member and Sound Connections Representative, for his view on the Government’s plans for music education.

Plymouth Music Zone’s Executive Director Dares To Use the ‘V’ Word

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Tina Redford offers enlightenment, Darren Poyzer takes the train ...

Sound Sense, the UK professional association for community music, has published an exploration of music education hubs in the quarterly journal of community music, Sounding Board.

A summary of some key points in the new National Plan For Music Education that are relevant to individual practitioners.

The first ever National Plan for Music Education – The Importance of Music was published on 25th November this year. It sets out the Government’s vision for music education. Below is Youth Music's response together with information on how our funding can contribute to this National Plan.

A National Plan for Music Education (NPME)? …Hurrah! it’s good to have one...

Many schools have music departments on the edge of the sports field so as not to "bother" the other subjects. Has the Music Plan's Annex 2 done the same to technology?

Well, here we go! As Youth Music Programme Director, I think this is where the future starts, and this plan’s success will depend on the spirit in which we all engage with, and breathe life and meaning into it.

Sound Connections welcomes the publication of ‘The Importance of Music - A National Plan for Music Education' and applauds all those who contributed to the Henley Review and the core team who have produced a very strong and coherent plan for music education in England.

Someday, somewhere, someone will find a palatable answer to the question that everyone apparently wants to avoid ...