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Rather than thinking about divisions between 'formal' and 'non-formal' music making, we should be collaborating to harness children's passion.

Hello All,

If any of you are makers, coders, hackers, electronic knitters or anything else relevant I am running a hack day on Sunday 21st April in London to make some new Accessible Music Technology. It is being run in partnership with Furtherfield and Music Hackspace, and we have some good entries already - wireless qwerty based switches, a bespoke touch operated hardware synth, a web based motion to sound device. Anyway - if you fancy the challenge get in touch and I'll sign you up!

B Sharp has launched a new musical progression resource website for young people and music educators:

Cabelo Seco - Maraba - Amazonia

Fascinating and beautiful at the same time. 24fps capture of what low frequency sound waves do to liquid

Plymouth Music Zone is currently delivering a Youth Music funded programme called ‘Music for a Change’ offering ‘musical respite’ to some of the most emotionally vulnerable children and young people.

The work includes one-to-one and group music sessions in a Refuge with participants who have experienced varying levels of domestic abuse. It also involves work with children and young people who have lost someone special or have a parent or loved one living with a terminal illness.

As you can imagine, this kind of work is tough and challenging - but it’s also powerful and deeply moving too. Plymouth Music Zone’s Music Leaders got together to reflect on the sessions so far.
These are the top recommendations they came up with to help others who may be thinking about delivering this vital work...

I thought it would be useful to highlight some of the information and examples of practice-sharing, that already exist on the Network. This is just a starting point: please let me know, via the comments box below, of any items you’ve found really useful, or that you’ve added about your practice with children in challenging circumstances.

Welcome: I’m really glad you’ve decided to check out the first post of the Musical Inclusion group.

New songs and pieces, commissions within a context, great food and atmosphere.

For our first live session of 2013 we took over The Old Fire Station Arts Centre in the middle of Oxford City.

Musiko Musika has just published a new report which investigates the Ethnic Contemporary Classical Orchestra (ECCO) model.

Do you need funds and support to get a new music project with disadvantaged young Londoners off the ground? Sound Connections has relaunched INNOVATE to incubate amazing new music projects.