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The government’s new plans for music education marks the beginning of some big changes for the sector, none other that the commissioning of new Music Education Hubs.

One of our music leaders -Jonny Amos- has been very busy of late, setting up a YouTube channel called The Songwriter Station. He has very kindly agreed to share it.

It's a great place to share best practice and learn some new skills!! Thanks Jonny!

Sightlines Initiative have been working on the subject of tuning in to children's musicality, through various Youth Music-funded projects, since 2002 when we began with a one-off project in a Newcastle nursery school.

An important part of supporting children’s creativity is standing back and observing their play. In developing their work supporting young children’s ideas, Sightlines have created a question-based framework for guiding the observation process.

Sightlines outline their pedagogical process: an approach which sees education as an experiential journey, guided by good companions.

This page outlines some of the values and characteristics, the tools and understandings that Sightlines have developed for creating environments where young children’s natural sense of enquiry is allowed to thrive, and where that enquiry can help them to learn and discover.

Exploring and developing ideas through dance and music, An account, by Maria Mernin and Cath Reding, of a project at Walkergate Early Years Centre

Prof. Carla Rinaldi presents some of the key features of the Reggio Emilia approach to early years education

Cath Reding reflects on 'The Sounds of Leaping', an early years project by Sightlines Initiative

We asked Josh Smith, Wired4Music member and Sound Connections Representative, for his view on the Government’s plans for music education.

ArtsTrain delivers a range of curricular and extra curricular music programmes and we have recently observed a direct impact that extra curricular delivery can have young people's perfromance in school.

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Read the story of 'Jay' by Richard Stilgoe OBE and how lyric and song writing can empower young people to express their inner most feelings: