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Redundancy and organisational restructures can happen to anyone and it’s not a good feeling to suddenly find yourself out of work. Paul Weston offers some suggestions on how to use your creativity to take matters back into your own hands.

The internet is a treasure trove of amazing free stuff if you know where to look. Here are some of my favorite freebies I've come across, all of which get used daily at Noise Solution

June 6-7 D&BTV Live will be celebrating their 200th show with a whopping 24hour live broadcast featuring sets from some of the best names in the game while raising money for Rhythmix.

After consulting with 50 young people accessing music-making opportunities through the ArtsTrain music project there was a clear demand for; 'how to promote our music', 'how to stay safe' and 'what jobs are in the music industry'.

Based on the feedback from young people we contacted Arts Council NPO Small Green Shoots to devise a bespoke music panel to meet the interests and needs of the young people.

Noise Solution uses social media to massively enhance the outcomes for learners - you can too..

This month City of London Sinfonia was in Tower Hamlets primary schools with our wonderful workshop leader Claire Bloor, introducing children to all things brass.

‘Sounds like a plan, Stan!’

What is a plan?

A plan is a statement, a starting point. Whether this be a plan to make a cup of tea in ten minutes or a plan to deliver a successful music project with a group of under fives. A plan is a plan is a plan.

Musical Eyes is a new, Youth Music funded network being launched in September by 20,000 Voices for early years practitioners and music leaders.

If you use computers to make music with learners then take a moment to consider which program has the best outcomes for them as they progress.

Here at Noise Solution we have been experimenting with using the X box Kinect bar to make music. Why?

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5 simple ways to get the most out of the Youth Music Network

Admittedly, my first project is small, but I could do with a little bit of online help.