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Well, here we go! As Youth Music Programme Director, I think this is where the future starts, and this plan’s success will depend on the spirit in which we all engage with, and breathe life and meaning into it.

KONJAKU TAIKO - are a family of Taiko groups based in Wem, Shropshire. Their philosophy is to 'Honour the traditions - look to the future'. In 2011/12 they are celebrating 10 years of Taiko in Wem. This year marks a coming of age for the family of Taiko groups which we are celebrating by changing our name to reflect the philosophy which we all share and which has evolved over the past decade.

Journey Summary of Habib Malik-Mansell, a young volunteer on the Voltage programme...

Challenges with supporting volunteers experienced in the Youth Music Voltage programme

Challenges with recruitment in the Voltage volunteering programme

Organisations delivering the Youth Music Voltage programme were keen to ensure that volunteers had an experience which developed their skills and provided them with information, advice and guidance about progression opportunities.

Based on the experiences of the Youth Music Voltage programme the main challenge identified when it came to effectively demonstrating the impact to others within the organisation and beyond (i.e the wider community) was ensuring complete organisational buy in and support for volunteering.

Challenges to maintaining engagement, as experienced in the Youth Music Voltage programme

The Youth Music Voltage programme was a natural place to encourage youth empowerment and leadership.

A technique encouraged and supported by the Voltage evaluator was a focussed approach to mapping and capturing individual journeys.

Many organisations which Youth Music works with have a strong reputation for not only impacting on the lives of children and young people but also those in the community. They enable and support the fostering of positive relationships between young people and their peers, families, teachers and other professionals.

Youth Music’s Voltage programme aimed to recruit and engage young people from challenging circumstances in positive volunteering experiences.