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These are challenging times for bar owners. Mortgaged to the hilt, squeezed by the breweries (ouch!), massive expansion of super markets selling all manner of beers, wines and spirits cheaper than the bars can buy them in at.

The next deadline for Youth Music Stage 1 applications is April 11th 2012.

Sunday 8th January was the finishing up of the Christmas season for me, and I was invited to a presentation by our youth group 'Roots Exchange' who had prepared a report back on their recent trip to Elsies River in Cape Town.

For me, the best event of January has to be a teachers' training session on boys and singing.

Ismaili Communtiy Ensemble project culmination, January 28th 2012

Indian musical instruments called tabla's are the most unique Indian drums that are played by various musicians. We think Indian music should be introduced to every schools and colleges and music organizations. Indian music has most sweetest melody. Various instruments like the sitar, rebab, sarangi , tabla, pakawaj give various sweet soundz

Youth Music recently awarded its first Fund A, B and C grants under the refreshed programme. The Grants and Learning Team have provided their top tips on how to make a strong application so that you can increase the chances of securing funding for your music-making project.

Hybrid Arts are interested in developing a touring network for young musicians. Based in the West Midlands the project hopes to network together partner organisations with a common aim. To provide performance training and to facilitate exchanges and performance opportunities. The aim is to present youth music to new audiences and to build confidence and skills in young performers by getting them out of their familier territory and quite litterally 'on tour'

The government’s new plans for music education marks the beginning of some big changes for the sector, none other that the commissioning of new Music Education Hubs.

One of our music leaders -Jonny Amos- has been very busy of late, setting up a YouTube channel called The Songwriter Station. He has very kindly agreed to share it.

It's a great place to share best practice and learn some new skills!! Thanks Jonny!

Sightlines Initiative have been working on the subject of tuning in to children's musicality, through various Youth Music-funded projects, since 2002 when we began with a one-off project in a Newcastle nursery school.

An important part of supporting children’s creativity is standing back and observing their play. In developing their work supporting young children’s ideas, Sightlines have created a question-based framework for guiding the observation process.