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Drake Music have today launched a three-year programme, funded by Help Musicians UK, of creative & career development for emerging Disabled musicians, focused on new music commissions and music leader training.

The Beyond Words project was one of only eight projects in Round 1 funded nationally in 2015 by an Arts Council England Research Grant. 
The two-year ethnographic study explored how engaging with music helps people who have difficulty communicating with words (for example, people living with dementia, autism, learning disabilities, stroke, elective mutism, etc.). The project also observed how music leaders used the 'unspoken' in their practice. 

Cymaz Music has been working with Cornwall Music Education Hub (CMEH) since before it's inception. We have worked hard to ensure that inclusion is at the core of the Hub and have been involved as delivery and strategic partners since the beginning. This has included research and consultation into barriers and cold spots in the county as well as designing targeted programmes of support to ensure that the most vulnerable children and young people in Cornwall have had access to music provision.

“This was one of the best conferences I have been to for a long time. Great balance of practical activities and talks.”
On 25th May, Cymaz Music held a conference at Newquay Sands Resort, for teachers, educators, musicians and those interested in using music and creativity to support the emotional and mental health of children and young people. This was funded by Youth Music under a Fund B programme.
Working in partnership with HeadStart Kernow, the Virtual School for Children in Care, RAAS, Cornwall Music Education Hub and Carefree, the day was a balance of presentations and practical workshops.



The stiff-bristle broom used to sweep stray sand back into the sand pit at the Centre where I was working was so old and worn out there were very few bristles left. Sand had to be pushed, rather than swept, back into the pit. With no budget for glue sticks, books or toys, let alone brooms, staff were struggling with this task. There is a limit to what staff, including temporary project-based staff like me, can contribute to the overheads of a state-funded nursery by buying consumables. There is also a limit to using worn-out equipment that is not fit for purpose. To subsidise or not to subsidise...?

“Two years in, instead of a big team with two Music Leaders, we have a whole Music Team! Our EY staff have grown in confidence, and embedded their training, and their new confidence and enjoyment in music-making, in every WILD session.”

Veronica Youdell, spoken word artist for the project, reflects on her experiences enabling young people to express their thoughts and experiences during Symphonize.

As part of Plymouth Music Zone’s “Tuning into Transitions” Fund B project, we delivered a number of ‘music booster’ training sessions in special schools and settings. At Woodlands School, Plymouth, Claire Harrison-Poole, one of the teachers who received bespoke training shares her thoughts about the impact of it on her practice. 

Kingston Music Service audio engineer Zayn Goetzee reflects on lessons learnt in the Symphonize project.

Amber is delighted to be working with 'Music in Devon Initiative' - MIDI to deliver this project. The knowledge, skill, expertise and creativity that they bring will help us to develop a really rich, diverse, resident led programme.