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Through the Doorway to Healthy Living's mini-music sessions provide weekly opportunities for pre-school children to make (and listen) to music with their parents or carers, as well as be active through movement and dance.

My thoughts on developing emotional resilience through music making. 

How I engage with participants with little musical interest. 

mac makes music explores song writing with young children in the Early Years at Allens Croft children’s Centre, Birmingham.

Catering for different religious backgrounds/Not using offending topics in music sessions within the mental health sector

Being in a band is fun for a lot of reasons, for me the thrill of being on stage playing my own music to a crowd of people that want to hear new music is the main reason I play. Nothing can beat the rush you get when you play live, so here are my top ten tips to get your band performance ready! 

The benefits of embedding music in nature connection with young people.

  • by ksho

    Mon 17 Oct 2016

Our young people have capitalised on our networks and signposting to maximisie the additional music offerings in the immediate region. The value of the confidence our programme created has been instrumental in overcoming opportunity limiting circumstances.

My transition from Shadow Artist to leading one-to-one sessions on Quench Arts' Wavelength mini Summer project at Birmingham Children's Hospital's Parkview Clinic.