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Here we break down how long it takes to become a music teacher

Live Music Now has made a short film which provides insight into delivering music sessions for young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  The film was created as part of a Youth Music funded project in which 4 pairs of early career musicians from Live Music Now delivered a year-long residency in four specialist autism schools in London.  The musicians were supported during the project by school staff and mentors Professor Adam Ockelford and Graham Dowdall.  The film captures some of the musicians' learning, focusing on particular elements which they felt were important for planning music sessions in this type of setting.

TC is a part of large KA2 project "360 degree participation model". 

Training course will bring together 30 participants (10 from Norway, 10 from UK, 10 from Lithuanian)

With the training course we aim to:
- To share good practices of youth policy implementation, involvement of youth in to decision making processes at municipal level.
- Train municipal specialist and youth worker to deal with youth issues, how to analyze youth situation, develop proposal for youth policy development at local level and provide tools how to advocate and promote youth policy innovations. 
- To develop clear youth policy implementation and support schemes, based on youth situation, at specific municipalities were the participants will be coming from.
- To discuss trends, strategies, needs of youth policy making, youth participation, youth work in EU and project counties. 
- Create ideas for future international cooperation.  
- Raise participants' awareness and understanding of youth policy implementation in other countries, at national and European level.
- Provide tools for participants to active participation in society and ability to contribute to local development and sense of European citizenship and identity.
- Contribute to cohesive development in the youth policy field of the 3 countries involved in to the project.
- Contribution to EU youth strategy implementation through open method of coordination, through peer learning process of municipal specialists and youth workers.

Commentary on Community Music often highlights a lack of methodologically sound evidence for the sectors work. To address this Noise Solution set out to quantify its impacts. 

CLIC Sargent ran their first Youth Music grant-funded residential workshop for young musicians with cancer in the summer. Projects within the charity's Music Programme are designed to raise confidence and self-esteem as part of their comprehensive Young People's Service offer to 16-24yr olds with cancer and their families. See links below:

The Clarion is an accessible musical instrument 8 years in the making. A key componant of OpenUp Music's groundbreaking Open Orchestras programme, the Clarion can be played with any part of the body, including your head, feet or even your eyes. In this post, OpenUp Music's CEO and Technical Director Barry Farrimond shares the journey the organisation has been on over the past 8 years... 

'The Giving Times' premiere the new Carousel Singers video 'Creepy Sneaky"

Research project Connect Resound brings inclusive, effective music education to excluded and remote areas around the UK. 

Here are a few top tips on how to become a good music teacher . . .

As part of the UpBeat programme of Early Years music and movement delivery at the Brewhouse Arts Centre in Burton-upon-Trent, Make Some Noise
have been piloting the use of on-line learning journals as a means of recording observations for individual children and assessing and monitoring their progress.

Apply now to secure your place!
• Gain a City and Guilds EaT qualification (Education and Training, previously preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector)
• Gain workshop leading skills
• Study teaching and learning theory
• Design your own teaching materials and resources
• Entry based on experience and motivation
• Previous qualifications not essential
• Trained specialist tutors
• Small class sizes
• Train with other musicians and artists, building friendship, support and creative ideas
• Monthly payment plans available

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Written by Jenni Parkinson (Soundcastle) and Julian Knight (Creative Futures)

Soundcastle and Creative Futures are two organisations that use music to reach and connect communities. Here we explore our learning from recent projects on how to access and engage families who fall within the often-cited and hugely diverse ‘hard to reach’ category.