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  • by ksho

    Thu 22 Sep 2016

Power & Influence of music events on young performers.




The young people created their own music through making instruments and creating different sounds. They used recycled materials to create the intruments.

Gaining a great exprience of working in a studio. This was an amazing exprience. Thank you to Youth Muisc for the oppertunity.




I wanted to write a quick blog to say how much the Youth Music programme we are delivering has helped to improve the behaviour of young people as well as raising attainment levels. We work with young people that are often disengaged with education after being excluded from school. We have found that encouraging young people to get involved in music production and arts awards accreditation has helped them to improve their overall communication, literacy and numeracy skills as well as reducing incidents of anti-social behaviour. We feel that song writing has helped young people coming from often difficult family backgrounds express themselves in a positive way.  

We questioned 86 of the young people that had participated in the activities and found the following;

46.24% felt they are more motivated to learn new things since participating in the project.

38.71% Feel that their literacy and language skills have improved since participating in the programme.

48.91% felt they could express their thoughts, feelings and emotions through their music.

Interested to know if any other organisations delivering Youth Music projects have had similar experiences? 

Emma Brookes is a Trainee Music leader on the Level Up!  project at Two Rivers Special School in Tamworth. This project seeks to increase opportunities and raise aspirations for group music making for young people with SEN. She is keeping a blog of her time on this project. For more information about this project, or Make Some Noise and our work with young people in challenging circumstances, please contact

A review of my first year as Lead Artist on the Wavelength project.

Chris has put together a video blog (vlog) around why he thinks doing covers in band development projects is important.

Before we started the Junction Project, we were given a few weeks of training with Jonny Amos, who is a professional music producer. Jonny has many years of experience in music teaching and facilitation and has a wealth of knowledge within many areas of the music industry.