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My Guitar Lessons are Europes leading music teacher franchise. Over the Festive period hundreds of our teachers will be offering FREE guitar lessons to children, adults, beginners to advance levels,

How volunteering has helped me to progress to leading sessions.

Allsorts is a music project that takes places every week during term time at Z-arts in Hulme, Manchester. We have two sessions that currently take place: Allsorts Essentials for 5-10 year olds and Allsorts Unplugged for 11-16 year olds. Many of the young people that attend our sessions have little to no access to any other music projects, and Allsorts is the one time during their week they feel they can express themselves, socialise and be creative. Thanks to Youth Music, Allsorts has been running for a number of years. For 2018 there is going to be some exciting new changes to the project. We listened to what our young musicians had to say, and were exctied for the future! 

The gamelan orchestra was centre stage for the BlueJam Arts ‘Big Sing at the Big Screen’ event at Rheged, Cumbria on 17 October 2017.

One of BlueJam Art's week long sessions involved a group of young people on National Citizenship Service working alongside adults with disabilities and connditions, creating music on gamelan and modern music technology. This was led by Tom Leah, one of the BlueJam team, who works professionally as a musician. This added element made for an exciting week. In Toms words .....


As musicians, we all know the feeling of watching our favourite bands (the ones we are a little too obsessed with…) and thinking “Wow, look at them go! How do they have the ENERGY to run around like that?! That is so cool!”. When we watch a band live, we feel good just by watching them feel good. That’s what makes music so addictive and wonderful. Seeing someone have the time of their life makes us want to dance, sing and have just as much of a brilliant time! Of course, this will depend on the genre of the music… Shoegaze bands will perform totally different to perhaps Metal or Punk bands, but each are natural and fitting to the music. Music is as much physical as it is aural, and the right performance can boost a live show into a different realm and leave your audience blown away.

We all want to play as good as we feel when we see our favourite band and ultimately pass that addictive feeling back on to our audiences, but if your youth band is struggling with confidence, here are a few tips that you can pass on to shake off the initial fear.

An opportunity for us and for the young people!

Stan is a Rep volunteer - a young aspiring music-head who just did what most music journalists can only dream of. Stan spent 80 minutes with Damon Albarn and Remi Kabaka (AKA Gorillaz). This is how it happened from Stans perspective.

I leave Bristol Plays Music (BPM) tomorrow after 10 years since joining Colston Hall to take up the post of Director of Music Leader South West. During all those years I have worked on programmes funded by Youth Music (YM) and have been involved in and observed the evolution of both YM, BPM and music education generally

What is Reflective Practice?

It is a way in which we can work, look back on and learn from the work that we do. It helps to build self awareness and develop a better understanding of others. It is a way to continuingly learn and develop skills. It is a continuing cycle that feeds from one point to the next.