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Band In A Week Returns - 7th August 2017 - 11 August 2017

If any proof was needed of the high standard of music making achieved by local young people, then Cre8’s Youth Concert was all the evidence needed. 

Furthering Talent is Awards for Young Musicians’ (AYM) programme working with young people from low-income families who have been identified as having emerging talent. These students access instrumental tuition and musical progression support to help them achieve their potential and develop into musical adults. 

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    Tue 25 Jul 2017

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For young musicians who are developing their music-making from bedroom to stage, first steps creative industries can often seem daunting.  What practical steps can young people take to effectively realise their potential?

Recap of Campaign launch and meeting with the Collective's new partner (Bristol Zero Tolerance).

Prep for the Collective's launch at Bristol Harbour Festival 

OmniExperiences help to connect young people with music industry professionals in professional settings.

A thank you to Youth Music