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Plymouth Music Zone has invested heavily in Music Leader training despite all the challenges to fund and support it. It's evidence that we can have 'blue sky thinking' to help us keep energised and committed to our work. At the same time, we can 'acknowledge the clouds' i.e. not everything can be brilliant and we are meeting the challenges of working in increasingly complex and challenging settings.  We have an ethos that encourages reflective practice and encourages us to embrace challenges as opportunities to learn. We constantly strive to improve and build on what we have been doing now for 18 years. Here is an overview of how we are currently doing that through our training. We strongly believe this helps people and funders to remain confident about our ability to deliver top-notch stuff! 

MERYC-England in partnership with CREC are pleased to announce a NEW bespoke early childhood version of the Trinity College Certificate for Music Educators.  

Graucob Music Awards support young musicians of school age with a bursary of up to £750 to support their musical endeavours including specialist lessons, festivals, training events, instrumental purchase. 

We are so grateful to Pierre Flasse and Ollie Thompson, who very recently completed the Manchester Marathon and successfully raised £698.82 for our Songbirds programme! All funds will be used to buy instruments to use to make music with our very special Songbirds patients. Here, our fabulous runners have written a short blog about their experience:

Other organisations get branded usb drives, pens or hats.
Instead we've gone for a branded drum machine plug in to use within your music software, it's free here

The Colours of Music Film was created by young people with My Pockets and played as a back drop as the orchestra performed.  The vocals were rocorded live and added after the event.

The fillm has since been shown at Cycle Cinema, the International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam which took place 29 March to 2 April 2017.


REACHING OUT is an organisational network that supports the development of effective practice in musical programmes with young people from challenging circumstances. This is a Youth Music initiative run by More Music.



A SINGING START  Prince Edward Primary

MOBO award winning rapper Akala will be holding a workshop for Breakthrough Music Project on Friday the 5th of May at Teesside University.

Song, Rhyme & Playtime - An early years music project based at Bideford Bay Children's Centre

Music for Alice has opened a new round of funding for youth organisations and groups using music for health and rehabilitation purposes.