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In January 2016 I was tasked with embedding arts award delivery across the whole of our youth music programme. The ultimate aim, that every young person we work with would have the opportunity to achieve an arts award. The challenge; actually putting this into practice and changing the way that we planned and delivered our sessions and projects so that the arts award was at the forefront of the initial planning process

It’s one thing to be able to arrive somewhere and deliver a music project with your own staff, the next step is to be able to create a sustainable project that can continue to exist after your organisation’s involvement has ended. 

Before the carnival (8th July 2016): Getting ready for the BIG day of carnival in Liverpool the youth percission group are all ready but nervious as they will be on the road for more than 2hrs playing it will be the longest they have done. All the drums have been tuned and music workers are planning out the days activities. Everyone feeling positive, hope all goes well, please NO rian the weather forecast is not looking good.

Carnival day: (9th July 2016) Its been rianing since 6.00am  it is now 10.00am still raining youth percussion group and 800 people all in costume ready to do the carnival line up, could this be the first year ever we have to cancell ? 11.30 OMG the rian has stopped, EVERYBODY line up. The youth percussion group are excited and ready, lets hope we get the crowds on the street as people may think it has been cancelled.

After the parade: The parade and the music group did really well, they were do tired playing for 2.5 hours we aksed them if they wanted to stop and take a break the answer was 'NO' were doing to do this till the end, all power to the group, they were fantastic.


My name is Shannon Killarney and I'm interested in setting up a music project at the Brunswick Mill Studios in Ancoats, Manchester. I will be working alongside the owner of the the Studios, Mike Ricard, as well as several teachers of a variety of instruments - I'm a drum teacher, and the other teachers include two percussion and samba band teachers, a bass guitar teacher, and a guitar teacher. Ideally we will also have keyboards and vocal teaching too. The plan is to set up a weekend/after school music workshop for children between the ages of 8 - 14, whereby they don't have to pay for the service. This idea was inspired by the Rising Stars North West project that is based in Stockport, for which I have worked in the past.

Laynah Nathan, aka Lay full stop, has taken a journey through Contact's music participatory project that has led her to success and to pave the way in Hop Hop music for young women. This case study investigates how her journey began and how her successes came about. 

Chair of MyHub Sue Harrison and director of Brighter Sound Debra King blog about celebrating Manchester’s diverse musical culture at My Music, My Manchester.

As part of Gamajam, our Youth Music funded project, we have been working with young people taking part in the National Citizenship Service (NCS) and members of The Heathlands Project, a day centre for adults with learning differences. 

This recent project allowed More Music to achieve our 2 key objectives for cold spot projects : Skill development opportunities for new music leaders and progression for participants.  

With funding from  the National Foundation for Youth Music, we have trained 42 EYFS staff  from eleven schools in the city of Salford to deliver our Can Do Music programme.

A reflection on engaging and supporting young people involved in our music project for the past 5 years.

Working with children and young people from Rochdale to create a series of short pieces of music and songs exploring cross-cultural identity

A highlight of July’s International Society for Music Education (ISME) conference in Glasgow was a well-received performance by the Lancashire Youth Vocal Ensemble (LYVE), a project supported by Youth Music. LYVE included their own unique spin on the Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen, part of the repertoire from the BBC’s Ten Pieces creative classical music programme. We recently spoke to Emma Williams, singing leader at LYVE Lancaster, to find out more about the project.