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What is Reflective Practice?

It is a way in which we can work, look back on and learn from the work that we do. It helps to build self awareness and develop a better understanding of others. It is a way to continuingly learn and develop skills. It is a continuing cycle that feeds from one point to the next.

Artistic Assessment - 25 April 2017 - MiXT UP Youth Music Project

This assessment has been commissioned by Arts Council England to assist with its evaluation of the quality of the work created or presented by the arts and cultural organisations it funds.

The guys n gals from the University of Portsmouth Creative Industries School have been hanging around Music Fusion. This is the film they made about the work we do.

K-Dog has been working with producer Lindsay Corstorphine in his Studio Sessions at Heart n Soul's SoundLab. He is creating an album and in each 2 hour session is able to make a complete track.

During the Gamajam programme we ran one week that was, in the main, focusing on developing the leadership skills of a young musician on work experience with BlueJam Arts. BlueJam Arts is unique as an organization that not only offers young musicians opportunities for playing and improvising but also a path for them to become young music leaders.

Our Music Leaders regularly find that participants inspire them as much as they hope to inspire the children and young people. Here we focus on the two way inspiration felt by Charlotte White at Woodlands Meed Special School in West Sussex.

BlueJam Arts has been working with a dozen young people from James Rennie Special School over several weeks. The aim of this programme is to explore how accessible tuned percussion Gamelan instruments are to people with learning differences and how they can be used to build self-confidence, creative and leadership skills.

Our partner in the programme is The Heathlands Project, a day centre for adults with learning differences, and where our gamelan orchestra is housed.

There is an international movement of community music and everywhere I travel I see a different side and aspect of the practice. Currently I am teaching for 2 days at the Conservatorium in Brisbane, Australia after working on two conferences in Hong Kong and Auckland.

  • by Daisi

    Mon 27 Nov 2017

As part of Daisi's Soundwaves in Action project, we have been working with a group of Children in Care who attend RIO Youth Club in Exeter. 

Rising Sounds 2018 gives unsigned artists the chance to work with a top producer to shape, record and professionally master a track. We chat to Resident Artist and Rising Sounds 2017 participant DM Farley, who worked with producer Steph Marziano, about his experience of the project and what he’s been up to since…

Tal Fineman was a member of the Young Producers project which offers 18-25 year-olds the chance to programme events and shows for Roundhouse Rising Festival. Young Producers like Tal assist the Roundhouse team in programming, marketing and producing Roundhouse Rising, learning from festival industry experts while programming two days of live music and masterclasses. We caught up with Tal before the festival to find out about his experience...

It’s Connections time again! And this year we’ve discovered a whole new literary genre – ‘Cli-Fi’. It’s a little but like Sci-Fi in that it takes place in the future, and it’s got a lot of ‘speculative fiction’, but it’s all about what could happen in the future as a result of climate change. ‘How topical!’ I hear you cry, and yes, you’re right – that’s why we picked it!