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Come and play some Led Zeppelin at Marshall H/Q in Milton Keynes and win a free Marshall guitar amp.

Brighter Sound is delighted to welcome Manchester roots reggae and dub veterans P.Lush (Nucleus Roots, Dub Reaktion), T-Gad (T & Le Touch, Edward II) and a special guest vocalist to lead the tenth in our series of artistic residencies for emerging musicians – Dub Reactors: Reggae Roots Residency.

Mavericks is a project that bridges feuding communities through music. 

The XLR Collective start recording thier Debut EP.

“In the UK, over the last 10 – 15 years, the quantity and range of music for babies and very young children has expanded considerably.  But standards of practice have not kept pace with this rapid expansion and remain worryingly low.  The reason is clear.  Early childhood music specialists are not required to have any form of prior qualification to practise.  We expect degree level qualifications to lead music with all other age groups – but for some reason accept the fact that for children below the age of five, we do not require music educators to have any kind of prior, professional preparation.” 
– Dr Susan Young

Carrie Lennard is an SEN music teacher at St Ann’s School in Ealing and creator of The Improvise Approach, an innovative educational tool to support music making with SEN children.  Below she shares her thoughts on technology, the challenges facing music practitioners in SEN and creating change in the curriculum.

Wired4Music is the network for 16-25 years olds all interested in music and living in London, hosted by Sound Connections. Members can sign up quickly and easily via the Wired4Music website, and the Sound Connections team work closely with these individuals and groups to empower their music projects and ideas.

Join us at Cecil Sharp House on Thursday 30 November 2017 where we will be strengthening our commitment to social justice. Through conversations with our network, and motivated by seeing continued injustices in the world, we’ve created a conference to tackle some big questions head on.

Here at Sound Connections, we’re on a mission to become an Attitude Champion. We’ve partnered with the inspiring team at Attitude is Everything because we believe in their mission to improve deaf and disabled access to live music and music making activities.

Earlier this year we were excited to award Wired4Music member Jacob Roberts-Mensah a place on our Generate programme, with a bursary and mentoring support to run his own music project.

A very open and honest account of one of young people's musical journey's and mental health problems and how music has helped him through his journey. He also talks about how our Rugby Beats, Bars and Banter project helped him become interested in music again, gain more confidence and helped him deal with his mental health problems...

XLR Collective's Hack a Heckle have released their lead single called 'Hide'