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To celebrate International Romani Day, on 9th April 2016 Community Arts North West’s Kámoši Juniors Saturday Morning Performing Arts Club performed in a special event called Hudba, Muzica, Music! The event included Music, Drama and Dance created and performed by the children.  The talent of Leigh’s young Musicians and Dancers shone as they presented old and new songs; and celebrated the past, present and future lives of Roma people.

As part of the Kámoši Juniors Performing Arts programme, the children prepared for a performance on International Roma Day 9th April 2016. Rapper Remi joined the children over several workshops to develop the children’s song-writing skills. 

Out for a day across Lancashire with Darren Leadsom, Education and Inclusion Manager at More Music. Two meetings and two hours of car conversation bring together a great deal of thinking. It feels like they show a maturity in the work and also a knowledge of where we are and what can be done. Satisfying.

The Kámoši Juniors Group were fortunate to be joined by Sashwati and Wellington from The Satellite State Disko, a troupe of Manchester DJ’s who create unique and exceptional Eastern-European, Balkan, Gypsy beats and blends.

Having just completed our final report it was interesting to read back through our interim report from last November which we've posted excerpts from it in the hope that they may be useful to other organisations delivering projects on behalf of Youth Music.

Outreach Phase Completed

More Music projects within the SEND sector have developed many forms of practice and the work with PMLD students has over the past 5 years become an aspect that we all enjoy and find both rewarding and powerful. This is an interview with lead practitioner Steve Lewis.

Our project, funded through Youth Music, has been even more successful than we hoped and is continuing to engage many more young people in music who would not have otherwise had this opportunity.

A group of 46 young musicians were left speechless on 11 March when seven times Grammy Award winner Kendrick Lamar walked into a Brighter Sound hip hop workshop and joined them in a freestyle MC jam...

Brighter Sound is looking to expand its Board of Trustees.

Crossing Cultures - Our First Session!!

 Community Arts North West’s Kámoši Juniors group develop their story.