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On the 7th of April learners at Weston Youth Ensemble will have the opportunity to take part in an Easter music workshop at Weston College. The purpose of the day will provide learners with an exciting opportunity to expand their musical skills and personal confidence through a variety of structured workshops. In addition the day will provide learners to explore further pathways within the music and creative industries. We will post an update on the Youth Music Network soon after the event, filling you in on the days activities with videos and pictures. 
Here is a breakdown of the days events.
Session 1: Introduction and Tour Of Music and Arts Campus
This first session will involve providing learners a tour of Weston Colleges creative arts campus. This will help learners establish possible pathways within the music and creative industries and familiarise themselves within their surroundings . 
Session 2: Djembe and Rhythm Workshop
This workshop will allow learners to develop basic rhythm skills whilst all being able to perform together as an ensemble. The session will be led by professional drummer and percussionist Steve Wilson.
Session 3: Directed Studio and Performance Workshops
This session will allow learners to break in small groups and work on developing either performance skills or working/recording within the studio. Learners who are confident to perform piece’s they have been working on at the youth centre will have the opportunity to record within the studio. Learners who are still working on pieces will have the opportunity practice and rehearse within a real performance environment i.e performance space. Learners who are in to more technology aspects will have the opportunity to work as engineers in the studio i.e setting up microphone and using mixing consoles to record.
Session 4: Making Music with Computers
This session will allow learners to work in one of the colleges Mac suites and use Logic Pro X to create simple and short compositions. By the end of the session learner will be able to burn a CD with there final musical compositions and take them home.
Evaluation and Wrap Up
Summary and learner feedback on how their experience was.

The Weston Youth Ensemble has begun! Learners are currently devloping their musical skills and confidence through a variety of workshops. Workshops include Guitars,Singing,Ukulele, music production and performance with Ipads.

A few first thoughts about Inclusion and Buddying  .

Reflections from the Cymaz Music Youth Ensemble Project (YEP!) and how we are supporting the development of young people's musical and creative skills.

Please click here to see a wonderful film of the most recent phase of the YEP! project. It features the piece of music created by the group along with evidence of impact. A really inspiring watch and listen!


Building relationships with carers not only to help develop young people musically but in other areas too. 

Reflective notes after 3rd session working with children in care. We are already seeing progress! 

The Youth Music Funding for The Turning Tides ' Jam Buddies' Project began in September. Last week  we had the first Jam Buddies session .... so what have we been doing for the last five months?

These are some notes on my experiences and reflections on being a trainee on the Hope Creative project so far, having attended 6 sessions since November 2015. I have been recording what we have done and where we have done it and how it was from my point of view.

I’ve been working a lot recently on problems; not challenges; problems. Things that need fixing. Take, for example, the fact that there are a great deal of opportunities for young people to make music and realise their musical potential. On the matrix of music (don’t ask me to draw it, please) they range from the super-formal, to the mega-zany and include lots of examples of stuff that is in more than one place on the continuum at the same time (which is why I don’t want to draw it). One very significant problem is that there is next to nothing for musically-inclined young people (yeah, I know they pretty much all are) who have a special educational need and/or are disabled. Sure, there is some stuff. Some organisations do really good stuff. But, on the grand scheme of things, it’s just stuff. If the funding stops, so does the stuff. 

Reflection notes after second session working with children in care.