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Wired4Music is recruiting a summer placement! The music network for Londoners aged 16-25, hosted by Sound Connections, are looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic network member seeking to expand their experience by working alongside the Wired4Music Assistant and Coordinator in the Sound Connections office.

A huge congratulations and warm welcome to the 2016-17 London Early Years Music Network Apprentices. 

Bell Class at Globe Primary School in Tower Hamlets is a specialist class for children from Nursery to Year 1 who have speech, language and communication delay. They are excellently supported by a teacher, speech and language therapist and teaching assistant, who are incredibly aware of each individual child’s needs and of the effective strategies to support their learning and improve their confidence. Wigmore Hall’s Chamber Tots programme was successful in receiving Youth Music funding to work with the group in order to explore strategies for working with young children in this situation and to disseminate this understanding amongst the team and further afield. I’ve been working on Chamber Tots for more than 10 years, and with young children for 15 years, but I’d never specifically worked with such a group. At the time of writing, we’re half way through the project, so what have I noticed and learnt so far?

The English Folk Dance and Song Society's first national conference on folk music and dance with disabled young people and adults is taking place at Cecil Sharp House on 17 June. 

Following huge success in the first and second year, the Wired4Music Leadership Programme is back! 

Fuse It! is a performance, composition and recording project which is free to local young people and run by Khyal Arts at The Soul Project, Walthamstow  Classical Indian music with a twist, this project fuses tradition and future. Along with the opportunity to learn traditional vocal music, the group will compose a piece that combines drumming and beat boxing.

Sound Connections are delighted to be part of Creative Schools, an East London Cultural Education Partnership (ELCEP) programme funded through A New Direction’s Cultural Education Challenge. 

The Government recently published two White Papers of relevance to music education: one about culture and one about schools.  They are vast and complex, so Sound Connections have summarised the key points in a briefing paper about each.  In this article, they also consider what the proposals in the White Papers mean for three things they care about: Early Years, young people in Challenging Circumstances, and Youth Voice.

Music Excellence London is a new 18-month programme of continuing professional development (CPD), support and inspiration for London’s Key Stage 3 music teachers.

This guide is all about working with or participating in a Music Education Hub. It is designed for anyone who is involved, invested or interested in providing musical opportunities for children and young people in England. It contains practical advice based on independant research carried out by ArtsTrain, a music organisation working across South London to engage young people in music.

This is the first of our posts by about working on Sounding Off, a music technology and songwriting project funded by Youth Music for young musicians in challenging circumstances in West London.

BBC Young Jazz Musician semi-finalist, jazz saxophonist Asha (age 16) has less than 24 hours to go on her Voices Beyond Divisions appeal to create an intercultural children's choir to encourage mutual tolerance and counter extreme radicalism of young people.  As with the East-West Divan Orchestra and other well-known projects, it's trying to use music as a unifying force for social and political change.The idea is to counter extremist radicalisation of young people. There'll be fun games and workshops, input from charities like Syria Relief and a performance of a work specially written for the choir (by Asha) at St. James Piccadilly on November 12th 2016

The good news is that she's now raised enough to go ahead - a bit more than shows on the Crowdfunder site in fact as some were baffled by the online faff and just sent cheques instead.

We're still looking for some more to fund all of the planned activities, so if you're able to pledge (even £2 will help more children to take part), the route is open until 20th April at 10.10 pm and all contributions will be gratefully received!