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The Beginning of my musical training...

  • by Anonymous (not verified)

    Wed 24 Sep 2014

Grants totalling £3.3m will be awarded to 70 music-making organisations across the country, bringing the total amount allocated over the last year to £10.2m.

As Youth Music reopens its grants programme with the aim of making England more musically inclusive, I thought it might be useful to share some thoughts about what this means to me, why I think it’s still necessary, and what it has to do with the ACE strategy of ‘great art and culture for everyone’.

The Music Education Hub in Telford and Wrekin Council applied to the Creative Employment Programme to create four Creative Apprenticeships for young people within the local authority and its arts venues.

When the new grants programme was announced I was full of trepidation at the prospect of needing to learn a new 'funding language' of outcome indicators and evaluation paradigms but I was very pleasantly surprised and would like to say well done to YM on the grants programme and the resources that accompany it.

Changes to Youth Music's grants programme include introduction of new small grants and higher qualifying age limits.

On a day of public sector strikes, Youth Music releases research from its annual stakeholder survey which reveals the significant impact that public sector spending cuts are having on organisations working with vulnerable children and young people.

Changes to Youth Music's grants programme include introduction of new small grants and higher qualifying age limits.

‘In the studio with’ will give 5 young aspiring musicians age 13 – 19 years the opportunity of working with some of Manchester’s Rising Stars (vocalists, song writers, producers, rappers and DJs).

I am Roland Lim, a Singaporean music producer on placement with Rhythmix as part of the Youth Arts Attachment programme from the National Arts Council, Singapore. I will be spending the next 12 weeks here ( 12 May to 1 August ) with Rhythmix to learn and understand the Music culture and funding systems in the UK.

Are you a group or organisation that could benefit from funding to purchase musical instruments or equipment?

Four game changing projects have been chosen from more than 150 applications to the hub's Joining the Dots project. A pioneering gig-swap network, opening up a digital music archive, a mobile game for gigs and a location based app for "listening to listings" will each received funding and expert support as they work to bring their nascent idea to fruition.