AllStars is a project that has integrated, inclusive, improvised group music making at its core.

AllStars brings young people of different abilities together to meet, learn and converse through music, using improvisation and instant composition. We ask our groups to listen and respond ; to be in the moment, and work together to make music.This is 'music education by encounter'. Our team scaffold, support and lead proactively to facilitate 'real' music. It's empowering, surprising, and fun.

Through workshops, mentoring and training, the AllStars project offers powerful, experiential learning for young musicians of all abilities, schools and professionals.

Young musicians with learning disabilities, in transition, will make friends, gain confidence, and find skills they didn't know they have. There's opportunities to lead workshops. Professionals and schools can learn through inclusive practice and training with peer educators

Our team of music leaders bring together their skills in leading, performing, mentoring, music therapy, and community approaches to create a cascaded training model that encourages diversity and creates opportunity for understanding.

We use live music played on real instruments - we're really keen on the multi sensory dimension of holding an instrument, feeling the vibration, timbre, resonance.

The AllStars core team are young musicians with learning disabilities, who meet and play regularly at the Heart Beats music club.

Our Listening Lounge offers music based mentoring for small integrated groups, encouraging young musicians who are  'gifted and taleneted'  to work together with those who have learning disabilities.

We offer some l.d. musicians the opportunity to work towards Discover and Explore Arts Award, and help co-deliver outreach work in schools and the wider community.

The CPD opportunities we offer also include training placements for professionals and A level students.

We always work with live, improvised music. It's fun.
Improvising music together builds musical progression and communication confidence, regardless of 'ability' . We believe everyone is musical : we will radically challenge perceptions about music , enabling learning from the outlook and approaches of young people with SEN.


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Jane Harwood
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Project duration: 
Monday, 11 May, 2015 to Monday, 30 October, 2017
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Somerset and the SW
Wells, Somerset
United Kingdom
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